TPC Journal-Vol 11-Issue-3 - FULL ISSUE

Volume 11, Issue 3 327 School Counselors’ Exposure to Student Suicide, Suicide Assessment Self-Efficacy, and Workplace Anxiety: Implications for Training, Practice, and Research Alexander T. Becnel, Lillian Range, Theodore P. Remley, Jr. 340 Group Differences Between Counselor Education Doctoral Students’ Number of Fieldwork Experiences and Teaching Self-Efficacy Eric Suddeath, Eric R. Baltrinic, Heather J. Fye, Ksenia Zhbanova, Suzanne M. Dugger, Sumedha Therthani 352 Making Choices and Reducing Risk (MCARR): School Counseling Primary Prevention of Substance Use Louisa L. Foss-Kelly, Margaret M. Generali, Michael J. Crowley 370 Counseling Older LGBTQ+ Adults of Color: Relational–Cultural Theory in Practice Christian D. Chan, Camille D. Frank, Melisa DeMeyer, Aishwarya Joshi, Edson Andrade Vargas, Nicole Silverio Contents In This Issue