TPC-Journal-Vol 11-Issue-4

408 The Professional Counselor | Volume 11, Issue 4 Figure 1 Grounded Theory Outlining AAPI Process of Mobilizing in Thick Solidarity With BLM in 2020 Causal Conditions Based on perspectives from participants, two causal conditions led participants to mobilize toward solidarity for BLM in 2020. George Floyd’s Murder Exposure to George Floyd’s murder through social media and news outlets was the first causal condition. For each of the participants, this event represented the “breaking point,” “threshold,” “spark,” or “tipping point” that illuminated the need to “act,” “pursue justice,” “make change,” and “fight back.” As stated by Gemma, a Filipina woman in her mid-30s: Perspectives of Oppression Awareness and Knowledge Alignment With Personal and Community Values Experiences of COVID-19– Related Anti-Asian Discrimination George Floyd’s Murder Achieving a Collective Oppressed Identity Mobilization Affective Responses Organized Communities Conditioning of “Privileges” Afforded by White Supremacy Intergenerational Conflict Non-Action Performative or Unhelpful Actions Restructure Policies and Redistribute Power Action Toward Thick Solidarity Promote Interracial and Intraracial Healing Commit to Personal and Community Values as Well as Human Rights Initiatives