TPC Journal-Vol 9- Issue 2-Full-Issue

Volume 9, Issue 2 80 Improving Classroom Guidance Curricula With Understanding by Design Hilary Dack, Clare Merlin-Knoblich 100 Supporting Women Coping With Emotional Distress After Abortion Jennifer Katz 109 Examining Student Classroom Engagement in Flipped and Non-Flipped Counselor Education Courses Clare Merlin-Knoblich, Pamela N. Harris, Erin Chase McCarty Mason 126 Organizational Variables Contributing to School Counselor Burnout: An Opportunity for Leadership, Advocacy, Collaboration, and Systemic Change Leigh Falls Holman, Judith Nelson, Richard Watts 142 Defining Moment Experiences of Professional Counselors: A Phenomenological Investigation Diane M. Coll, Chandra F. Johnson, Chinwé U. Williams, Michael J. Halloran 156 Comparison of School Characteristics among RAMP and Non-RAMP Schools Patrick R. Mullen, Nancy Chae, Adrienne Backer Contents In This Issue