406 Introduction to the Special Issue on Doctoral Counselor Education William H. Snow, Thomas A. Field 414 Research Focused on Doctoral-Level Counselor Education: A Scoping Review Gideon Litherland, Gretchen Schulthes 434 The Pipeline Problem in Doctoral Counselor Education and Supervision Thomas A. Field, William H. Snow, J. Scott Hinkle 453 Components of a High-Quality Doctoral Program in Counselor Education and Supervision Jennifer Preston, Heather Trepal, Ashley Morgan, Justin Jacques, Joshua D. Smith, Thomas A. Field 472 A Q Methodology Study of a Doctoral Counselor Education Teaching Instruction Course Eric R. Baltrinic, Eric G. Suddeath 488 Research Identity Development of Counselor Education Doctoral Students: A Grounded Theory Dodie Limberg, Therese Newton, Kimberly Nelson, Casey A. Barrio Minton, John T. Super, Jonathan Ohrt 501 Preparing Counselor Education and Supervision Doctoral Students Through an HLT Lens: The Importance of Research and Scholarship Cian L. Brown, Anthony J. Vajda, David D. Christi 517 Relational Cultural Theory–Informed Advising in Counselor Education Kirsis A. Dipre, Melissa Luke Volume 10, Issue 4 Contents In This Issue