Volume 10, Issue 4 532 Mentoring Doctoral Student Mothers in Counselor Education: A Phenomenological Study Vanessa Kent, Helen Runyan, David Savinsky, Jasmine Knight 548 “They Stay With You”: Counselor Educators’ Emotionally Intense Gatekeeping Experiences Daniel A. DeCino, Phillip L. Waalkes, Amanda Dalbey 562 Teaching Gatekeeping to Doctoral Students: A Qualitative Study of a Developmental Experiential Approach Brenda Freeman, Tricia Woodliff, Mona Martinez 581 Recruiting, Retaining, and Supporting Students From Underrepresented Racial Minority Backgrounds in Doctoral Counselor Education Jennie Ju, Rose Merrell-James, J. Kelly Coker, Michelle R. Ghoston, Javier F. Casado Pérez, Thomas A. Field 603 The Minority Fellowship Program: Promoting Representation Within Counselor Education and Supervision Susan F. Branco, Melonie Davis 615 Faculty Perspectives on Strategies for Successful Navigation of the Dissertation Process in Counselor Education Michelle Ghoston, Tameka Grimes, Jasmine Graham, Justin Grimes, Thomas A. Field 632 Gaining Administrative Support for Doctoral Programs in Counselor Education Rebecca Scherer, Regina Moro, Tara Jungersen, Leslie Contos, Thomas A. Field Contents In This Issue