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The Professional Counselor (TPC) publishes reviews of relevant counseling books and videos, and is always on the lookout for counselors, counselor educators, and counseling students to write reviews. Would you like to review a book listed below, or a video from Email TPC Managing Editor Catherine Clifton at for more information.


Available Books:

None at the moment!* We’re waiting on new ones to come in!**


*Don’t see a book you want? Feel free to suggest counseling and related texts from 2019 onward from the following publishers (or any of their imprints): ACA, APA, NCDA, New Harbinger, or W. W. Norton.

**Have you written or edited an applicable book you’d like us to consider for review? Send a review copy to TPC at 3 Terrace Way, Greensboro, NC 27403.