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In addition to our regular articles, The Professional Counselor (TPC) offers a variety of other opportunities for you to engage with scholarship on a variety of counseling topics.


A digest is a nontechnical summary of each article published in TPC. The full set of digests for each issue is published when the issue has been closed at the end of the quarter. Read the digests to see what interests you most in our latest issues.

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Book and Video Reviews

TPC publishes critical reviews of books and videos on topics relevant to the counseling profession and related disciplines. Reviews do not reflect the opinions or policies of NBCC.

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Continuing Education

You can earn continuing education credit for reading TPC articles! Every article has a corresponding test on

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TPC Scholarship Awards

TPC confers the annual Dissertation Excellence Award to recognize original research that significantly contributes to the counseling profession. The editorial board committee evaluates entries based on the presentation and clarity of ideas, sound methodology and interpretation of findings, innovative quality, and contribution to the counseling profession.

The Outstanding Scholar Award was created to recognize the most noteworthy articles published in TPC each year. Winners are chosen from two categories: quantitative or qualitative research and concept/theory.

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Author Videos

When an article is selected for publication in TPC, the author(s) can create a short video discussing the main ideas of their article. The video is easy to make and is then edited and uploaded by TPC staff; it appears next to the article on the issue’s Table of Contents page, and on our designated Author Videos page. Authors are welcome to link to the video or embed it in their social media or personal website.

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Non-English Texts

NBCC serves counselors worldwide through counseling institutes and other endeavors. Similarly, TPC supports counselors around the globe by providing research and practice insights to counselors in other languages. We invite submissions of non-English manuscripts and book and video reviews.

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