Editorial Review Board

The Editorial Review Board provides thorough and constructive peer reviews to each manuscript submitted to The Professional Counselor. Our peer reviewers represent a wide range of expertise and are an important part of maintaining the quality of the articles published in TPC.

Hannah Acquaye
Kathryn Alessandria
Ellen Armbruster
Jennifer Beebe
Sara Bender
Susan Boafo-Arthur
Amy Broadwater
Kathleen Brown-Rice
Matthew R. Buckley
Rebekah Byrd
Joel Carr
Robin Dufresne
Jeri Ellis
Kelly Emelianchik-Key
Adrienne Erby

Shuhui Fan
Thomas Fonseca
Courtney E. Gasser
Gary G. Gintner
Barry Glick
Charlotte Hamilton
Gregory Hatchett
Shannon Hodges
Franc Hudspeth
Maribeth F. Jorgensen
Viki P. Kelchner
Elizabeth Keller-Dupree
David S. King
Kristen Langellier
Huan-Tang Lu

Miles J. Matise
Carol McGinnis
Cherise M. Murphy
Cheryl W. Neale-McFall
Allison Paolini
John Petko
Wendy Rock
Katharine Sperandio
Michael M. Tursi
Alwin E. Wagener
Diane Walsh
Jeffrey M. Warren
Heather Zeng
Chelsey Zoldan-Calhoun