Submittable Coming Soon!

The Professional Counselor will soon be using Submittable for its manuscript submissions, resubmissions, reviews, and more!

Submittable helps thousands of organizations worldwide launch, manage, and measure social impact programs in one easy-to-use platform.

What can I do with Submittable?

As an author, you can:

  • Fill out submission materials.
  • Upload a manuscript.
  • Follow the progression of your submission through the review and decision process.
  • View and download peer review forms and manuscript mark-ups.
  • Apply for annual awards or other application calls.
  • Keep track of all submissions and applications over time.

Associate editors, stats consultants, Editorial Review Board members (peer reviewers), and TPC’s editorial staff will also benefit from Submittable’s streamlined submission, review, and disposition processes.

What do I have to do?

At the moment, nothing at all! However, the first time you want to submit a manuscript after we launch the new Submittable platform, you’ll need to create a free Submittable account (unless you already have one, in which case you’re good to go!). After that, you’ll be able to submit to not only TPC but any other organization using Submittable for their manuscript and application management.

Is there a fee to submit to TPC?

No way! TPC is devoted to its identity as a rigorous and relevant journal that is always open to all. There are no application or submission fees, and the entire journal is available as an open-access resource to everyone.